ООО "МетанАвто" г.Набережные Челны
Тел.: +7 (917) 871-88-80;+7 (8552) 333-333. Факс: +7 (8552) 333-888.
E-mail: metan-auto@mail.ru


We perform conversion of any diesel engines (automobile, water, railroad transport) with 4 to 12 cylinders and any power to gas (methane, propane) operation.

Full conversion of Mercedes, DAF, Iveco, MAZ, KAMAZ, Peugeot, Ford, Renault truck, bus, car diesel engines for gas (methane, propane) operation.

Fuel cost reduction by up to three times!!!

We also install gas-and-diesel mode (various versions). Fuel cost reduction by up to two times!!!

We install new Cummins, Deutz gas engines.


In terms of energy efficiency 1m3 of methane approximately equals to 1 liter of diesel fuel or one liter of gasoline.


We also install gas equipment on any cars, trucks, buses, special machines of both domestic and foreign origin.